SpeakEnglishBD.com aims at improving the English communicative language skills of the Bangladeshi people. It is undoubtedly proven that having a good command over the English language is a demand of time all over the world. But, unfortunately this language has remained a matter of great fear for most of the people of Bangladesh, though they have been struggling to learn this language from the very childhood. Even the students are getting high grades but failing to communicate in English in practical field. So where lies the problem???

Through this website you will be provided with some effective lessons and tutorials that will remove your fear of English and grow interest in the language. Indeed, I want you to “speak out in English to let the world know your power”.

Obviously the medium of instruction in these contents is Bangla. Because I want the Bangla speaking learners of  any level to acquire the skills especially Speaking & Listening themselves without going to any so called tutor.

With best wishes

M Ali

Lecturer in English

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