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Muhammad Ali

✔Lecturer in English at Jhenaidah Cadet College, Jhenaidah, Bangladesh ✔Former Lecturer in English at Uttara University, Dhaka, Bangladesh ✔Content Writer of some of the websites on English Language and Literature ✔Video Content Creator on the YouTube channel, Speak English BD ✔Master Trainer of Continuous Assessment (CA) ✔Translator, NCTB

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19 Responses

  1. Utsab says:

    Very nice and helpful video ??

  2. Ipsita ghoshal says:

    Thank you sir

  3. Aarohi says:

    It is so short for class 10

  4. Aihan says:

    Yeah not bad ?

  5. Jannateen says:

    This very good. This is not too big and not too small. That’s why, I like this paragraph

  6. Onek valo hoice ai paragraph ta

  7. Madara Uchiha says:

    Damn that helped me a lot

  8. Anek Valo Hoice Amar Ai Paragraph Ta

  9. Aanya says:

    Excellent ????

  10. Itachi says:

    Weakness disgust me…..
    Why don’t you just wake up to reality

  11. Tonne says:

    Thank you sir

  12. mir hassan says:

    Awesome article, it was exceptionally helpful! I

  13. Afreen says:

    welp that help me alottt, my class teacher proud of me and I proud of who write this paragraph. Then you for helping us in paragraph.

  14. sunita poonia says:


  15. Monika says:

    Good but too long for class 4 an difficult but nice for other classes

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